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Hey Peeps and dear new followers.I Heart You.Here I've something want to story to you.Hate Me ? Just read it.Not my story but my cat :).

   Last year,I had a cat.My father named it as Phant.Take from word ELEPHANT.I don't think its a good name for my cat.But I just took that name to keep his feelings.I hope my father not read my story.Continue to our story.Each day I stroke my cat,feed it,bathe him and do anything that I people always do to their pet.

  But a few days ago my parents receive a kitten.Someone had put the kitten in front my house.Then,my neighbor had a conversation with my parents.My parents didn't tell me their conversation and didn't want to know their conversation.So,my parents not had the heart to throw away that kitten.So,they decided to take care of that kitten.

  My parents named it as Tot (I don't know is that a true spelling.My mother never tell me the true name) and today my mother had bought her a cage.On that time,I thought what a freak ? She never did anything for my cat but she did anything for that kitten.I know it's A KITTEN.My cat anger to my mother.Sometimes my cat is a freak one.

  Then,my lovely cat had ran away from house.My mother had search it high and low but didn't found it.I didn't help her because that time I was at hostel.My mother started to cry so my father lend his shoulder to cry on.Hahaha,,my cat just want to make a joke to my mother but it not funny <--This sentence I dedicated to my cat.

  Two days later my cat had returned home.What the Fish ? My cat still mad with that kitten.The kitten didn't know is that my cat mad with her as it just a kitten.Everyday my cat stared at the kitten.I think,is that kitten care ? I plan to reconcile them, but my hopes crushed.My cat really hate to that kitten.I even gave up.So,just  do anything you want.But I still love you.

  So,here I want to tell you,I hope one day you will make peace.Don't hostile.It just waste your time ( is cat know about time ?)

P/S : No matter what happens I still love you.I hope you know about my feeling that I just want both of you bury the hatchet